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What car accidents are like for New Yorkers

Cars are the most commonly used form of transportation across the United States. According to a 2015 statistic, there are over 218 million licensed drivers across the country. Even in New York City, where public transportation is a popular alternative, many others still rely on cars as their primary mode of transportation. Although it is the most common, driving is also one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Many people drive while distracted by their phone or radio, while in a rush to get somewhere, and even while drunk. Due to these high levels of distracted or reckless driving, accidents occur daily in every state and often result in serious injuries and even death. In a city such as New York, that is crowded with a high density of people, a significant number of car accidents that occur involve pedestrians.

The New York Post recently reported on two separate pedestrian accidents that occurred in the afternoon on August 16, 2017. The first of these accidents occurred around 12:30 when an 88-year-old woman was crossing the street in Tribeca. A nearby tractor trailer struck the woman as it was making a turnaround and caused a serious injury. The woman was rushed to the hospital for a severe leg injury and is in critical condition. Later that same day, at approximately 2:20, a 13-year-old boy was also hit by a car in Harlem. The car struck the boy as he was crossing an intersection at 135 street and Fifth Ave. In both of these cases, the drivers remained at the scene after the accident, and they were not immediately charged. However, both crashes are under investigation to understand their causes.

Although these accidents had serious consequences, thankfully no one was killed at the scene. Nevertheless, these crashes demonstrate a serious problem that plagues New York and cities across the nation. Drivers do not always pay appropriate attention to the road, and when they do not, they place all other people, whether in cars, on bikes, or walking, at risk of a serious injury. The individuals who caused these accidents made the right choice to remain on the scene; however, that does not necessarily remove their fault or blame in these accidents. The individuals who were hurt must now face significant physical, emotional, and financial consequences as a result of these accidents.

Fortunately, pedestrian accident victims have the right to take action after an event like this. These individuals may choose to file a lawsuit against the drivers who caused their injuries, in order to receive compensation for their losses. This financial assistance may help these individuals manage the financial consequences of their accidents, such a medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. Although this money can help these victims recover, it will never fully undo the damage that was done. Drivers across America must work together to lower the number of accidents that occur and help keep all citizens safe.

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