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Medical Malpractice: Definition and Common Types

There’s so much on the line when you’re working as a medical professional. When you’re responsible for the well-being of other people, a lot will be at stake and only the highest level of care is expected from you. Doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, pharmacists, and other medical professionals go through years of training in preparation to provide such important service to the public. Falling short of the standard isn’t an option. Even the slightest error could prove to have damaging consequences. This is why the law has certain safe guards to ensure that medical professionals are held accountable for any fatal error they might commit in the line of duty.

Medical malpractice refers to cases where a medical professional is seen to have committed a negligent error in the treatment of another person, causing injury or death. According to the Journal of American Medical Association or JAMA, patients and their families all over the U.S. received more than $3 billion in medical malpractice during the year 2012 alone. These payouts were expected to cover damages that include medical costs, loss of income, as well as physical and psychological anguish.

On their website, Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group lists some of the common types of medical malpractice cases. These include situations where a physician’s provide the wrong diagnosis to patients, delaying proper treatment, as well as errors committed during surgery. Other cases of medical malpractice include committing mistakes in administering medication and birth injuries caused by errors during labor and delivery.

Medical professionals are responsible for providing their patients with the best quality of care. Failing to meet such expectations due to negligent and avoidable errors can lead to devastating consequences. Cases of medical malpractice should be addressed immediately. Victims and their families should be aware that they have the option to pursue legal action and receive justice.

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